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Latest: 1nd April 2023

They have started building a nest! I think it's both of them doing it, but it's really difficult to tell them apart when they aren't in the box together and the size difference is obvious. The method seems to be bring in dried grass, drop it and flap your wings to compress it.

Try the live feed out and keep checking the daily motion events for the latest action from inside the box..

Last video: Nest building (57 seconds)

The visiting beaks

Highlights from the past few days of beak visits.

01/04/2023: The Beaks start to build a nest.
31/03/2023: Mr. Beak comes in again.
30/03/2023: Mr. Beak comes calling and has a look around the box with Mrs. Beak. It's a bit of a squeeze. (1 minute 2 seconds)
22/03/2023: I thought she was hiding from something nasty flapping around outside the bird box, but I think this is her trying to entice Mr. Beak into the box. (2 minutes 2 seconds)
28/02/2023: Wanton vandalism from the Great Tit, reproduced in appalling quality. Then the quality gets worse as she has a preen and settles down for the night. (2 minutes 16 seconds)
26/02/2023: The Great Tit hides from a threat at the entrance, then comes back to clear out a pellet of insect poo. Later, the Blue Tit pops in and out. (1 minute 34 seconds)
13/02/2023: Pecking, flapping and fighting. This video has got so much stuff I've had to add text. (2 minutes 35 seconds)
11/02/2023: The Great Tit has her turn in inspecting the box. I wonder how many other potential nest sites she has? (1 minute 8 seconds)
09/02/2023: The blue Tit spends about 10 minutes pecking around the place and has a good look at the camera. (40 seconds)
07/02/2023: The Blue Tit has a closer look at the camera. Everything in the nest box is being checked over thoroughly by both birds, but which one will make it her nest? Are they even aware of each other and the potential competition? (14 seconds)
06/02/2023: The Great Tit has a nosey around. I don't know if they watch each other going in or not, but when this was filmed, the Blue Tit was going in less - only once for every two Great Tit visits (1 minute 17 seconds)
01/02/2023: The Blue Tit comes in for a good peck around to check out the quality. She's having a go at the entrance make sure it's strong enough. You can see flecks of sawdust (beak dust?) in the air occasionally (2 minutes 40 seconds)

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